Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Inspired Dress

Just recently I purchased an Alannah Hill (Australian Designer) dress for work event. Seeing as I work in the antique industry I thought I might buy a dress that's either black or vintage inspired. As I hoped for, I'd came across this gorgeous vintage inspired dress by Alannah Hill.

The lovely dress itself displayed on a mannequin

The body of the dress itself is made from a lovely creme coloured silk with two layers on skirt section and a nice slit down the middle on the top front layer and has rows of pinch pleats around hem. The dress is contrasted with elegant black lace tiered on the shoulders and nicely accessorised with a black silk belted sash built into dress with bow at front. I just love how they incorporated black vintage glass buttons (replicas?) down the back.

Close up of the elegant black lace
"I love the dress to bits"

Close up of the lace and buttons
"Similar glass buttons can be purchased at The Drill Hall Emporium" 

Just couple weeks before this event, I purchased a nice pair of heels that funnily enough had a creme body, had some black in certain areas and had a bow on it to. Sounds familiar?

So I thought it would had to match the dress. But few days before the event, I managed to have a few issues trying to match shoes with it seeing as it's a hard colour to match. In the end I went with the original choice with help from a few friends. So I matched the dress up with those shoes and seeing as it's freezing down in Tasmania, I've made a choice of wearing stockings with it. That night I wore my hair up in a low side bun so the detailing on the dress was noticeable. With make up I thought I would give myself a smokey eye look and topped it off with neutral nude lips.

Vintage Inspired Alannah Hill dress with colour co-ordinated shoes
"Image taken in front of an amazing Copper collection"

Please visit Alannah Hill and her wonderful range.


akissfromthepast said...

Great dress!

chrisartist said...

Absolutely gorgeous dress
You looked lovely.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

touche de vintage said...

Thank you, my pleasure. said...

So happy I discovered your blog, Alannah (from you finding mine!). I look forward to reading your future posts:)

Your dress is lovely ~ what a lucky find! And the SHOES! To die:)


Donna said...

Hi Di, you looked absolutely gorgeous on the night! I am loving your blog, keep up the great work.. lv Donna.

touche de vintage said...

Hi Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog. Look forward to looking at your future posts too!


Hey Don, thank you and you looked wonderful too. yummy mummy! lv di

Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium said...

Hi Di, yes, you looked gorgeous on the evening...the dress was very inspired and vintage. Keep up the great dressing, I mean blogging! Lv Tam

touche de vintage said...

Hi Tam, thank you and you looked very nice too that night too, very sophiscated. I will. Lv Di

Hannah said...

gorgeous dress, I love a monochrome outfit

Bow Dream Nation xx